Microsoft has introduced new item types in their certification exams, including the following:

Code Case Study – This item type will appear on developer exams. This variation of a standard Case Study item presents tabbed sections of working code. You will be presented with questions that must be solved by analyzing the code segments.
Choose All That Apply – Rather than specifying the exact number of correct answers, these questions will ask you to Choose all that apply. You will need to determine how many of the answers are correct. You will not be restricted to a specific number of answers that you can select.
Best Answer – These questions will contain more than one correct answer and you will need to determine which of those is the most appropriate.
Extended Matching Question – These questions will present a group of multiple choice questions that use the same answer choices. It is possible for the same answer choice(s) to be correct for more than one of the questions in the group.
Repeated Scenario – These questions present a repeated scenario that is mapped to multiple questions. The repeated text in each question is indicated by Start of repeated scenario and End of repeated scenario banners. The question and related answer choices are located beneath the scenario.

We are including these question types in our new practice tests. We will also add these question types to our existing practice tests during product updates.

For more information on these question types, please visit the following website: